Established in 1950, Guinness Nigeria Plc is celebrating 69 years of driving growth and success. As the first and only total beverage alcohol (TBA) company in the country offering a wide range of products across categories, Guinness Nigeria, a subsidiary of Diageo, has been contributing to the economic and societal development of the nation for nearly 7 decades.
According to Mr. Baker Magunda, the company’s Managing Director/CEO, “From the start of Guinness’ operations in Nigeria, we have not only consistently produced high-quality products, we’ve also modeled our business with the aim of driving local economic growth. As the first country to produce Guinness outside of Ireland, Nigeria is an extremely important market to Diageo. This year, we also celebrate being the first Country to launch and produce Baileys Delight, a variant of the popular Baileys Cream liquor and also the first country to produce Guinness Gold, a premium lager beer product. We are proud that Guinness Nigeria has the most expansive range of brands to offer as compared to any other player in this category. We’ve done well for Nigeria, and we’ve done well for our consumers.”
Through various initiatives and investments in community development and sustainability, Guinness Nigeria continues to be committed to the social and economic growth of the country. Through its ‘Water of Life’ initiative, the company has provided clean water facilities to over 1.5million Nigerians in Communities across Nigeria. Most recently to the D’Ka community of Kebbi State where, prior to the intervention, locals travelled about 10kms daily to access clean water.
Guinness Nigeria Plc also supports agriculture through the company’s ‘Grow with Nigeria’ program, a local raw material sourcing scheme, which empowers indigenous farmers. Currently Guinness Nigeria’s local content sourcing stands at 75%, and there are plans in place to increase this significantly in the coming years.
The company also works to consistently create awareness on the dangers of drink-driving, and encourage road safety. In partnership with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the ‘Ember Months’ Campaign, which occurs during the ‘‘ember months’’ of the year when drinking and also cross country travel is more prevalent, educates key stakeholders especially commercial drivers on responsible drinking and the choice to never drink and drink. Guinness Nigeria has also provided the FRSC with breathalysers to assist them in executing their responsible drinking campaigns.
Further demonstrating its commitment to the health of Nigerians, the business has built three Guinness Eye Hospitals, which have impacted the health of thousands of people. Two of them still bear the Guinness name in Lagos and Onitsha.
These are just a few of Guinness Nigeria Plc’s many initiatives which confirm the company’s commitment to not just do business in Nigeria, but to always support the country’s growth and its’s people.
In addition to these considerable acts, the company strives to consistently meet the needs of Nigeria’s ever-evolving consumer base. Guinness Nigeria has recently expanded its portfolio with several products including the iconic White Walker by Johnnie Walker. In 69 years, Guinness Nigeria has tremendously impacted the market, the socio-economic development of the country, and the well-being of Nigeria’s people. The company looks forward to expanding and positively impacting many generations to come.