Potential investors in the pension industry have been urged to initiate ventures that would be beneficial to all stakeholders which include the retirees, operators and the investors.
Speaking in Lagos recently, the president, Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) Mr. Eguarekhide Longe identified some gaps between the thinking of investors and pension operators, saying the investors often fail to see things from the operators’ view point.
“I think there is a gulf between the operators and the investment banking community. They have expressed frustrations that the pension operators do not make it easy for them to deliver projects, but in many cases, they do not also see the projects from the pension operators’ point of view.
“Most times they are motivated by what fee they can earn, rather than look to see that we deliver a balanced venture that is beneficial to them. Whatever we want to do as operators must be beneficial to our contributors. If all these are taken into consideration, then I think we would see rapid growth in the industry and the country,” he said.
 By SuperNewsng