As part of its strategic plan of identifying and supporting Micro, Small and Medium scale Enterprise (MSME) in the country, Heritage Bank Plc, one of Nigeria’s Most Innovative Banking Service providers, has rewarded winners of an online competition tagged “Lunch with Olisa,” sponsored by the bank.
The competition is the sixth edition of the season 2 on-going Lunch with Olisa.
Mrs. Ozena Utulu, a member of the bank’s Brand Management & Compliance Unit said Heritage Bank was helping small businesses to grow by identifying and helping their owners to grow. She said the bank sponsored the project because “food is part of our heritage and we can use it among others to portray our heritage.”
One of the winners, Joy Obiesie said she really loved everything about the show, adding that it made her to know about different places as well as several delicacies that she did not know before while another winner, Maureen Ogochukwu commended the organisers of the show: Heritage Bank, Olisa Adibua and Biola Alabi Media.
Also speaking, Olisa Adibia, the host of the show said “it is a pleasure for me to see the impact the show has made,” adding that it is not restricted to Lagos but efforts will be made extend it to other parts of the country.
He enjoined other corporate bodies to emulate the good gestures of those presently sponsoring the show even though not all brands could be allowed to sponsor it.
The Lunch with Olisa show is a new food-related show in which Olisa Adibua will travel the breadth of the continent in search of authentic African cuisines.
Olisa takes his audience on a journey of culinary delight, as he explores a variety of food such Ofada rice, Amala, Tuwo, Masa, Moin-Moin and more. The show features not only food, but also real people who work behind the scenes and ensure that the food is always ready to feed Nigerians, those famished as well as those looking for that unique gastronomical experience. These entrepreneurs are found everywhere throughout Nigeria – under trees, at food stalls and roadside kiosks.
Olisa Adibua is one of the most respected media personalities in Africa, having been in the field for more than a quarter of a century. His work encompasses just about everything there is – radio, television, and film. He is now the co-founder of Storm Records and hosts Morning Rush on the Beat 99.9 FM radio channel among others.
The show was put together by Biola Alabi Media (BAM), an African media company that develops and monetizes content for Pay TV, Free to Air (FTA) television channels, OTT (Over-The-Top) TV and VOD (Video-On-Demand).
Heritage Bank, through the MSME account aims to help MSMEs grow their businesses. The proposition is categorized into three different groups: Heritage MSME Business classic with a maximum annual debit transaction of N50 million, Heritage MSME Business pro with a maximum annual debit transaction of N100 million and the Heritage MSME Business premium with a maximum annual debit transaction of N250 million.
The bank is one of participating financial institutions in The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN’s) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF) Fund which was launched on August 19, 2014 in recognition of the significant contributions of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sub-sector to the economy.