First Bank of Nigeria Limited has pledged commitment to improve customer service delivery.

The lender, therefore, said it would continue to provide the best financial solutions to promote convenience and support the lifestyles of its customers.

In a statement on Thursday, First Bank said, “The bank through the years has demonstrated an understanding of its customers’ modern lives, wants, and needs as part of its drive to become the trusted partner providing bespoke and accessible banking offerings to its teeming customers.”

It added, “One of many of such banking offerings by First Bank is the money transfer services available nationwide, which provide for customers an alternative transaction channel that is safe, convenient and a flexible means of funds transfer all year round.

It further said that some of these services were available during weekends and public holidays from some dedicated branches.

It said, “With Western Union, customers can conveniently receive money from abroad and send money from Nigeria to over 200 countries and territories Worldwide and recipients can receive funds straight to their accounts.

“With the outbound Western Union service, customers can now send funds directly to bank accounts outside Nigeria with the new account payment network recently added to the Western Union service.

The spokesperson for First Bank, Mrs. Folake Ani-Mumuney, was quoted as saying, “Another money transfer service provided by First Bank for its customers is MoneyGram. With this service, users can now receive money from loved ones abroad or send to them from Nigeria.

“First Bank is the leading agent bank for MoneyGram in Nigeria and has been recognised for its increased transaction volume among other agent locations. The bank also offers the RIA money transfer service with which customers can receive money from loved ones abroad directly into their accounts in naira.

“RIA money transfer service also offers the option of cash pick up at over 750 First Bank branches nationwide. With TransFast, users can initiate money transfer online which can be received directly into First Bank accounts here in Nigeria.”