The Ombusman, a journal of Insurance Law and a publication of Adegboyega Adepegba & Co. Legal Practitioners, Nominees, Arbitrators, Trainers and Publishers will in its special edition to be released on 1st May 2017, feature a great insurance guru, Yinka Lijadu.
Nta Lijadu, Funke Agbor, Irukwu, Okwor, Awogboro, Omilani, Osoka, Fola Daniel, Bailey,Zakariyau, Adeyemi, Mateola, Ajaja, Adewale, Soares, Adejumo, Ladipo-Ajayi, Adeda, Chukwuma, Oyefeso and many others will in this special edition of the journal eulogise the life and times of this great man.
According to a statement from the Editor in Chief, the Ombudsman, copies of the journal will be distributed free to all Insurance Institutions,
Departments of Insurance in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
and across Africa.
Those who wish to request for copies can do so by clicking on this link: