Bonny Graduates Forum says it had closely examined the issues surrounding the amendment of the NLNG Act and had come to the understanding that this will not be in the interest of Nigeria, the Niger-Delta and Bonny community.
This is because reneging on promises is not good for business.
As the youths of Bonny Kingdom, we have been looking forward to the signing of the Final Investment Decision (FID) on Trains 7 and 8 and construction of these plants which will create 18,000 jobs for us and youths in other Niger Delta Communities. These jobs will infuse us with skills for life.
According to Frederick Ezekiel Hart, President, Bonny Graduates Forum, “We are living witnesses and living examples of participating in the construction of Trains 1-6. It kept us away from unworthy ventures to the pursuit of our good and that of our community”
‘This amendment will cripple the basic operations of the company even though we are the most peaceful community providing the major companies with a conducive business operating environment.’ Ezekiel-Hart added.
Today, 57 years after independence, there is no single road leading to Bonny. The only hope for a road is NLNG who have set aside N60b to support the construction of the N120b road by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
For years, there were no roads, water and electricity in Bonny. It took NLNG to provide us with these services.
By the way, for all the years of existence of NDDC, there is not a single sign of its existence in Bonny. The impact of their presence is also minimal in the Niger-Delta. Why then do they want to destroy Nigeria LNG Limited.
Bonny graduates are happy the executive arm of the federal government is fully conscious and aware that there are major consequences for reneging promises and are fully behind Nigeria LNG.
Nigeria LNG is clearly the best company in terms of corporate social responsibility and community development. There is no basis of comparison between their activities and that of the NDDC.