The South-East South-South Professionals of Nigeria (SESSPN) is a non-governmental platform involving socially-conscious businessmen and professionals who are keen on deploying their values, voices, perspectives, life experiences, skills and expertise to promote sustainable development and growth in the region with or without the much-clamored restructuring.
With this overlap between the SESSPN and the beneficial influence of the private sector, it is envisaged that a new impetus will be granted to the causes which animate our members and fuel the fire of our devotion to the enthronement of a new reality in the daily economic and social lives of our people.
Subsequent to our recent election of a new Exco for the SESSPN, members are optimistic about actualizing the developmental agenda of the Association. This however, will require the co-opting of the political leadership of the states in the region, with the ultimate goal of promoting the interests of the long-suffering people of the region, through the harnessing and marshalling of the civic and economic strength that ordinary people wield in their numbers.
Our goal is an enlightened people, with eyes newly-open to the urgent need for change of the present order, and access to the information that empowers them to make the educated choices required to effect the much needed seismic shifts in our body-politic.
We recognize the gravity of this opportunity at which we have arrived, and humbly accept the responsibility of standing as repairers of the breach, restorers of streets to dwell in, and those called to raise up the foundations of many generations. In this task, we welcome the partnership and collaboration of all men and women of goodwill, and eagerly anticipate the dawning of a better day for our people. As we champion their development and right to be happy.
It is on the above that our sole agenda, which Mr. Pascal Odibo the group country director, Jeff & O’Brien Africa and now the PRO, SESSPN says is to catalyze deliberately, through strategic engagement of the critical stakeholders of the two regions and bring planned growth and integration of our economies, people and assets.
We will drive national and regional dialogue that shape policy and economic development and ensure we have a front row on how, who, what leads to the development of our region.
SESSPN going forward will begin a quarterly business and professional roundtable and conversation across the public and private sector. The first of which is billed for the Prime Chinese Restaurant at Bishop Abayode Cole, Victoria Island – Lagos on Sunday 15th April, 2018 at 3pm with Dr. Sokonte Davies, Executive Director, Nigerian Ports Authority as keynote Speaker and Guest of Honour.
We intend to have and partner with like minded associations within and across the two regions to harmonize and birth our position in a large, pluralistic and yet self-determining Nigeria.
We will leverage our collective intellectual capital and networks to champion and navigate development to our region.
At all times, SESSPN will demand the rule of law, fairness and equity to all no matter their creed, social standing or status in life.

Pascal Odibo