Sigma Pensions Limited, one of the Pension Funds Administrators has offered to add value to its retirees under its scheme.

Addressing beneficiaries of the scheme at a “retiree forum” with the theme: “A seamless path to a happy retirement” held in Ogun State yesterday, the Head, Business Development Division West, Sigma Pensions, Mrs. Mabel George underscored the importance of keeping close relationship and adding values to the retirees under its scheme as key to its vision and mission statement.

According to her, the essence of the forum was to keep the retirees abreast of the current trends in the pensions administration and also afford them and those that close to retirement am ample opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to their funds in the care of the Sigma Pensions Limited.

Unlike the stresses that often characterised the old pension’s scheme, where pensioners, including bedridden retirees were asked to appear physically for verification, George stressed that Sigma Pensions was focused on providing a decent living for its retirees under its scheme.

“We are poised to add value to you. To know how we can make improvement in the pension’s payments, we have come here to educate you all.”

She added: “Eligibility for benefit payments are different depending on ages, time frame in retirement, ministry or establishment, sex, retirement based on medical ground, employment termination, which is 25 percent of the pensions, amount in savings account of the pensions company, among others.

“We want to ensure that your pensions are paid as at and when due before 21st of every month.

“But I want to urge you to always ensure that you do proper documentations. As pensions administrators we will advise you on what us best fit. Don’t be swayed, ask questions and we will oblige you where and when to come on.

“For instance, if you have a change either in your mobile number or home address quickly get back to us.

“If there are discrepancies in your date of birth quickly reach out to us. Give us updated information. They are minor things you can do,” George added.

In his remarks, the Senior Business Development Manager of Sigma Pensions Limited, Mr John Igiehon, said the rationale behind the forum was to bring together retirees and give opportunities to them to know what they want to know during the interactive discussions.

He stated that the Sigma Pensions Limited was established to add exceptional values to the retirees.

The Chairman of the occasion, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Oshun Wesley, expressed appreciation to the Almighty God that he and other retirees are still alive till today.

He said: “Thank God that we are still alive today. We are privileged. To us the retirees it is well with us. We have served the nation meritoriously.

“So, we are gathered here today to share and rub minds with the Sigma Pensions Limited on how we can improve on our benefits.”