1. Operators should willingly embrace specializing in core areas of competenceand continually come up with innovative ideas to improve customers’ satisfaction. ​​​Responsibility: NIA, NCRIB, ILAN

2. The Forum agreed that improving insurance awareness is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders in the insurance Industry.

3. Operators to put machinery in motion that will ensure regular updates of operational data to aid in making current informed decisions as-at-when-due. ​​​​​​Responsibility: NIA, NCRIB, ILAN

4. The Forum advised all insurance operators to self-regulate, and apply necessary discipline on erring members when required, instead of waiting for the Regulator to always wade in before achieving major milestones.
Responsibility: CIIN/NIA/NCRIB/ILAN

5. The forum agreed that de-marketing acts by operators in any form should be dealt with as applicable.

6. There is need to ensure regular training and re-training of personnel to meet up with current realities and also encourage the inflow of manpower from other disciplines into the insurance industry for versatility.
Responsibility: CIIN/NIA/NCRIB/ILAN

7. The forum agreed that pro-active measures should be taken by the Industry to ensure that no further business line is statutorily, disruptively or otherwise lost to any other sector of the economy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Responsibility: All Stakeholders

8. The forum implored operators to update their information technology base to global standards to operate efficiently and be properly positioned to counter the effects of disruptive technology.
Responsibility: All Stakeholders

9. Operators should embrace effective professional development of their staff to enhance competence, deliver improved services to consumers and meet the expectation of investors.​​Responsibility: All Stakeholders

10. Insurance practitioners and organisations should embrace ethical culture to have a disciplined, trusted and respected insurance industry.
Responsibility: All Stakeholders

11. The forum agreed that whistle blowers should come out boldly on cases, and the identity of whistle blowers must always be protected at all times when issues are escalated to the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
Responsibility: CIIN

12. The forum agreed that the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria will continually come up with addendum and circulate same to all practitioners as the contents of the changes and amendments evolve as time unfolds.
Responsibility: CIIN

N.B: It is the responsibility of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria to regularly follow up with all those responsible as stated above and ensure the resolutions are worked upon and achieved.

Theme: The Insurance Industry: Beyond Limits​​​​