By Ngozi Onyeakusi

The Chartered Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) has disclosed plans to organize a millennial assembly as part of effort geared towards achieving greater participation of young professionals in insurance business.
The President of the governing council, CIIN, Mr Eddie Efekoha, during a press conference in Lagos said young professionals in the industry within the ages of 30 and low are expected to participate.
He noted the millennials assembly which is going to be a day event will be sponsored by the institute.
“One thing we are about to do now which is contained in the immediate past president valedictory speech was the issue of the youth.
We have said to ourselves that there are Millennials in the industry we need to look after them.
The only programme we can point to them is miss insurance, I have received some conflicting reports about that programme, but we need a full report for the council to take a position, but what we are doing now is that we have send notices to insurance institutions to bring two of their staff that is 30 years and below and we will have a mini brainstorm session with them and they will tell us what they want for themselves and how they can key into the programmes of the institute and once that is done, we will hold a millennial assembly which will be a full day event for all who are interested and nobody will pay, the institute will bankroll it.
Speaking further, Efekoha pointed out that other effort targeting at the young professionals was visiting the NYSC orientation camps adding that presently, the institute will extend such visit to orientation camps outside Lagos.
This, according to him will afford the institute opportunity of recruiting professionals who are posted outside the state.
Dwelling on the theme for his tenor, ‘Advancing Insurance Education and Professionalism’, Efekoha assured that the institute was collaborating with University of Lagos, Delta State University and others for a master degree programme ¬†in insurance and financial management.
He stated that the institute was focusing on the facility development of its college of insurance and financial management adding the N50 million part of funds from NAICOM would be used for the purpose.