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By Ngozi Onyeakusi—Nigerian Communications Commission  (NCC) has disclosed that a proposed fine of N200,000 awaits any mobile communications services provider  for failure to verify and validate biometric, National Identity Number and other personal information of each subscriber to its  services.

A proposed draft regulation on registration of telephone subscribers 2020 recently published on NCC’s website states that    a  licensee who fails to verify and validate biometric, NIN and other personal information before activation is liable to a penalty of N200, 000 for each subscription medium in breach of these requirements.”

According to the regulation, mobile services providers that allow subscribers to make and receive calls, send and receive short message services and other range of services usually provided by such operators without first verifying the subscribers’ personal information, including NIN, will be fined per subscription medium.

It will be recalled that the Federal Government had extended the deadline for NIN-SIM data verification to October 31.