Okonta, InspenOnline MD

Worried by dearth of information on how to structure a robust retirement concept, the Promoter of Retirement Matters – a Video Programme on YouTube, has said his firm is determined to provide the needed awareness that would assist the public plan comfortable retirement period.

A statement by the Managing Director, Inspenonline Limited and Promoter of Retirement Matters, Mr. Chuks Udo Okonta, said the firm embarked on the programme to address the dearth of knowledge on retirement in the country and help the public understand and maximize available opportunities to prepare a blissful future.

According him, the firm having engaged on research to ascertain quality of contents on retirement concepts and observed huge dearth on local contents available to help the public put in place comfortable retirement plan, decided to embark on the project, aiming to help improve lives and create better society.

Chuks noted that the programme which runs from Monday to Friday, weekly, provides news on retirement; interviews; discussions and also addresses concerns raised by the viewing public.

“Information is said to be the line wire of business and vital to human development. Therefore, we are poised to exchange necessary information within all stakeholders in the retirement space. As blissful retirement remains the desire of all human, Retirement Matters programme, was conceived to provide and promotes knowledge required to achieve the quest for better after resourceful active dues.

“Our programme hinges on interviews; feedbacks; analysis; reportage and more. Through these avenues, we will derive information and disseminate them to the end users. The interview section will create opportunities for the regulator, operators to address issues and also give updates on events in the sector. It will also create rooms for the end users of retirement products and services to express themselves and make contributions on how the regulator and operators can improve their performances,” he submitted.

He maintained that news updates and feedbacks will also help exchange information that will go along way to contribute to development of comfortable retirement.

With all these in mind, we hope to make information readily available for all stakeholders and closed the gaps that often beget worries and fear about retirement, he said.