Members of the Host Communities Producing Oil and Gas are kicking against identified loopholes in the Petroleum Industry Act and are calling on the Senate to effect necessary modifications in the Act. This was disclosed in a memorandum signed by the National President, HOSTCOM, Dr Benjamin Tamaranebi, and filed with the Senate Joint Committee on Petroleum Industry’s public hearing on the 2021 PIA (amendment) Bill. The memo was sighted by our correspondent on Monday. The memo noted that HOSTCOM members were not included in the inauguration of the steering committee and the appointment of the various governing boards of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Nigerian Upstream Regulatory Commission, and Nigeria Midstream and Downstream Regulatory Authority. It stated that no attention was paid to the concerns impacting host communities. It raised concerns about the isolation of the host villages, who are meant to be the first key stakeholders. The memo read in part, “We propose that Section 11(2) be revised to read: ‘The Board of the commission shall consist of one non-executive chairman, two non-executive commissioners, and the commission’s chief executive officer (referred to as ‘the Commission chief executive’ throughout this Act).’