Please, I’m Sorry All I Ask Is Forgiveness” Chrisland Girl Pleads

The only girl 10,  involved in the sex video by pupils of Chrisland Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos State, has appealed for forgiveness from all.

The 10-year-old female student suspended by Chrisland Schools, Lagos State, over alleged sexual misconducts with a colleague during a school competition at Dubai, United Arab Emirate, has broken her silence on the sex scandal.
Platforms Africa reports that she deleted all the videos on her account on a social media app, Likee, with over 12,400 fans.

This app drew attention shortly after a video clip of the pupil and her male colleague engaging in sexual acts went viral on Twitter.
The child had been operating the page for three years before the incident at the Dubai competition happened.

Her mother, while saying she was raped, accused the management of the school of conducting a pregnancy test on her without parental consent, an allegations that were denied by the school.
The Lagos State Government had shut the school before reopening it last weekend.
However, the state government and the police authorities last week grilled the school management, the teachers who participated in the competition, and the pupils’ parents.
Meanwhile, the girl has spoken after the incident.
“I am sorry,” she said on her Likee page after deleting all her posts. She later deleted this statement of apology suggesting that she might be abandoning the account.