The West African Association for Cross-Border Trade, in Agro-forestry-pastoral, Fisheries products and Food (WACTAF) has lamented insecurity and infrastructure deficiency, saying they are threats to Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). In a presentation by its President, Alhaji Salami Alasoadura, infrastructure deficiency and insecurity were major hindrances to cross-border trade in the West African corridor and have posed setback in the distribution of agricultural products, goods and services. Alasoadura said that lack of trailer parks, Customs bounded warehouse, electricity, water, hospital facilities and others were making things difficult for traders. He bemoaned lack of connectivity between Customs commands and their stations along the borders, noting that there were no stable policies on banned goods, export levy on agricultural produce, multiple transit levies along the corridors. Alasoadura said hunger and high cost of living in almost all regions of the countries, propelled by low soil yield due to climate change and insecurity, have led to severe lack of agricultural inputs.