By Ngozi Onyeakusi— The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has pegged the maximum amount to be raised from Digital Assets Offering within any continuous 12-month period at N10 billion. The limit is contained in the Commission’s New Rules on Issuance, Offering Platforms and Custody of Digital Assets. These rules, according to the Commission, would apply to all issuers seeking to raise capital through digital asset offerings. Whilst defining digital asset as a digital token that represents assets such as a debt or equity claim on the issuer and include in Initial Coin offering and other distributed ledger technology offers of digital assets, the new rules stated that the issuer must demonstrate that the gross proceeds to be raised from the digital asset offering would be sufficient to undertake the project as proposed in the white paper. The SEC said, “An issuer may only raise funds subject to the following limit: twenty times the Issuer’s shareholders’ funds i.e., the maximum quantum of funds permitted to be raised within any continuous 12-month period, subject to a ceiling of N10 billion or any other ceiling as the Commission may determine from time to time.