Inflation, fuel, and Naira scarcity might push 24.8 million Nigerians into hunger between June and August, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has warned. The Acute Food and Nutrition Insecurity Analysis, also known as Cadre Harmonise Fiche, carried out by the United Nations (UN) agency, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other partners, noted that 18,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in 26 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) would be affected. The report submitted that some 17.7 million people, including 14,000 IDPs in 26 states and FCT currently in food crisis, may have their situation worsened by May. It projected that Adamawa State would have 5.2 million persons experiencing food insecurity during the period, out of which one million people, would be worse off. In Borno State, 6.9 million persons are to face a similar crisis, from which 1.9 million people would be in catastrophe. But in Yobe State, 4.8 million people are to be food insecure, with 1.2 million persons to be in direr conditions. The report noted that the food consumption level has remained inadequate. Other key drivers include prolonged petrol scarcity and associated hikes in pump prices.