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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has said it is planning to collaborate with the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) and Capital Market Operators (CMOs) to enhance commodity supply contracts and eliminate disruptions in the commodities market. Its Director General, Lamido Yuguda, stated this during the Post Capital Market Committee (CMC) meeting which held in Lagos on Friday. Responding to questions from journalists, Yuguda stated that the commodities market is a market for contracts in the supply of commodities and exists because it facilitates the sale of commodities between producers of commodities, like agricultural commodities or mineral commodities, to the buyers. He noted that there are risks associated with investments particularly in the commodities market and noted that to ensure active participation in the market, investors look to insurance to secure their investments. “The role of insurance is key to the commodities market because it helps commodity suppliers to be able to perform under the contracts of supply and ensure that the market is not disrupted. So, we have been working with NAICOM to get insurance companies to work with capital market operators, especially commodities exchanges to de-risk that segment of our economy that is the agricultural commodities segment.”