By Ngozi Onyeakusi—Coronation Insurance Plc today projected insurance as a vital key partner for business success in challenging environment through a webinar with the theme:Insurance: A Key Partner for Business Success in a Challenging Environment,

The firm through its webinar series has being providing assistance to individuals and corporates on how they can remain afloat leveraging insurance mechanism.

Experts, who spoke at webinar educated the public on how insurance would keep them and their business afloat amid the global headwinds.

Spraking at the event, the Managing Director Coronation Insurance Plc, Olamide Olajolo, said the event was very dear to the organisation as it provides solutions to the public and business owners who are faced with myriad of challenges, noting that amid the numerous headwinds confronting people and businesses, insurance remains a social safety net.

He noted that the event was designed to expose dynamics of insurance; easy means of accessing claims; role of technology; on boarding of policyholders amongst others.

Co-founder/CEO at Curacel Henry Mascot, who was the Keynote Speaker at the event, said individuals and organisations are really in a challenging times, hence the need for insurance to mitigate arising risks.

He submitted that the COVID, recent wars around the world and financial crisis have put many businesses on the edge, adding that Nigeria been tagged the poverty capital of the world and many Nigerians working hard to come out of poverty, Insurance remains one of the best means to escape the dragnet of poverty

to help business owners from falling backward when risks occur.

He call on start up firms to ensure they have business interruption policy, adding that such a policy helps in providing claims to business owners whenever their businesses are destructed.

He canvassed the need for insurance companies to increase communications with the public, adding that Coronation Insurance had through the webinar continued to conduct mass education for the public.

He also suggested that insurance companies should co-create, a process that entails having close relationship with the public so that they can understand their insurance needs and evolve personalised products for them.

Head of Sales and Marketing at Emirates HealthConnect24x7 Limited Vincent Ezeora, urged the public to desist from been reactive and be proactive, stressing that insurance should be bought before risks occur.