MD, Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe

Access Bank Plc has unveiled a new savings scheme tagged ‘Family Savings Scheme’ initiated to give its customers a boost in their savings. The exercise is in line with the Bank’s commitment to promoting savings culture among the populace.

The ‘Family Savings Scheme’ is a savings scheme designed to encourage families to save together and enjoy exclusive privileges such as high interest rates and family rewards while they continue to enjoy the confidentiality of their banking relation and manage their accounts as unique individuals.

The Scheme provides access to people who are presently excluded from financial services whilst promoting capital accumulation and investment boom.

Under the scheme, a minimum of four family members are encouraged to bank with Access Bank and enjoy exclusive value propositions. Eligible family members includepartners, children, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

According to the Bank’s Executive Director, Personal Banking, Victor Etuokwu, the scheme comes under new segment in the Bank – Family Banking Segment. “This is not a new product but a new segment in the bank. We have basically pulled together the various products we offer to unique family members under this Segment,” he added.

He listed some of the value propositions of the savings scheme to include education advisory services, deals and discounts, higher Interest rates, insurance, school fees advance and home loans.

Etuokwu implored the existing and prospective customers to take advantage of the ‘Family Savings Scheme’ to save for themselves and more importantly for economic development.