By Njideka Ude-Arinze —


The Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo at the weekend said he was optimistic that Nigeria will recover from its political cum economic challenges.
He said that the President Muhammadu Biharis revovety was a pointer to that.

“I am excited and extremely happy that the President is back, in good health and rearing to go. It is so good to see him!

Well I think many Nigerians as you could see from just coming from the airport, many people are so excited to see the President.

People have prayed, people have hoped and it is just a natural reaction that seeing him and hearing that he is around, was just spontaneous.

Most people had only a few hours, but as you could see, the response was so spontaneous.
So I think that people are just very excited and happy that he is back.

The message to Nigeria is that the recovery and recuperation of the President is in some sense symbolic of the recovery of Nigeria.

Nigeria is going to recover, we are on the path to sure economic recovery and this is a good sign, it is an excellent sign that our country is on the right path, there is great hope, there is great excitement and we are going to make it as a nation.”