The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), Tony Attah, yesterday in Port Harcourt, assured that NLNG is fully committed to its Goal Zero campaign of ensuring zero incidents and fatality during its operations.

Attah, while speaking to Chief Executives Officers of contractors’ companies at the 2ndContractors CEOs Safety Leadership Conference, remarked that NLNG’s HSE focus is on Safety Leadership.

He said: “Nigeria LNG’s vision for this year is to drive Consolidation and Growth of our business through a strong focus on achieving Goal Zero. This can only be achieved if again, we all re-commit to the agreements we reached last year. Our HSE focus is on Safety Leadership, to ensure that systems are working instinctively to ensure that all personnel in our operations including our contractor personnel are kept safe at all times. Demonstrating care, promoting the freedom to speak up and respectful intervention will help us achieve this goal.

“The essence of this gathering is to repeatedly remind ourselves that we are all critical stakeholders with a common interest – to keep our business profitably afloat and all our personnel; safe from harm of any kind. To achieve this, NLNG’s position is that every personnel is empowered to say something or do something if you observe any threat to our HSE culture.

“We can only achieve this if we take a collaborative, all-inclusive approach today. Together, we can commit daily to an injury/ incident free workplace where every personnel takes safety personal and demonstrates care to ensure the safety of others,” he added.

In his remarks, the Deputy Managing Director of NLNG, Sadeeq Mai-Bornu, said “HSE Goal Zero remains the backbone of our operations in NLNG, and we always strive towards ensuring that no one gets hurt, no one dies and there are no leaks in our operations.

The conference featured two panel sessions, focused Safety Leadership and a participatory syndicated session titled “Injury and Incident Free Company: Work Site Hazard Management, Personnel Safety and Road Transport Safety” by the CEOs of contractors’ companies.

The conference ended with a signed charter by management of NLNG and the contractors’CEOs where they committed to conducting regular site visits, interact with work force on HSE and obtain feedback; lead HSE meetings, staff engagement and participate in toolbox talks; achieve an incident and injury free year in operations; create an enabling environment for all staff to work and return home safely; as well as empower staff say something and do something when they observe any unsafe act or condition.

Other commitments in the charter include demonstrate safety leadership and integrate care for people in the business; build a competent workforce through HSE campaigns, trainings, and worksite hazard management programmes; and recognise and reward staff contractors who have demonstrated exemplary behaviour towards achieving Goal Zero.

NLNG is owned by four shareholders, namely, the Federal Government of Nigeria, represented by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC (49%), Shell Gas B.V. (25.6%), Total Gaz Electricite Holdings France (15%), and Eni International N.A. N. V. S.Ă r. l (10.4%).