Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading authority in project management, committed to advancing the profession to positively impact project success, is making its debut at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as the official Career and Coaching Partner. PMI will demonstrate how fundamental project management is to enhancing the effectiveness and success of the creative industries.


Today’s creative agencies face the challenges of averting crises, shaping pop culture, and managing complex campaigns. According to CoSchedule, organised marketers are nearly seven times (or 649%) more successful than their peers. To stay organised, these professionals leverage robust project management to keep pace with cultural trends and utilise their strong interpersonal skills to drive new levels of collaboration.


In a series of live events, PMI will unveil the breakthrough project skills it helps professionals sharpen during their work in some of the world’s most complex industries. Delegates will learn how to use these same project management skills to boost creative output, bridge the gap between imagination and implementation, and inspire a new generation of creative professionals.


Throughout the festival, PMI will feature a diverse lineup of activities, including daily one-on-one mentoring sessions with project management professionals, an insightful group session at The Cannes Lions School, and key presentations at the ADWEEK House and CMO Accelerator, led by PMI CMO Menaka Gopinath. Each event is designed to showcase the transformative power of project management in the creative process.


The sessions and workshops are tailored to demonstrate how project management enables teams to achieve extraordinary results by fostering collaboration, enhancing efficiency, and promoting innovation.


“Finding the path for unleashing creativity to change the world requires a bridge – and that bridge is effective project management,” said PMI President & CEO Pierre Le Manh, PMP. “At Project Management Institute, we are dedicated to equipping creative leaders with the tools and knowledge to drive project success and make a lasting impact.”


The need for robust project management in the creative sector has never been more apparent. In an industry where success hinges on the seamless execution of innovative ideas, the skills of qualified project managers can dramatically elevate the quality and impact of creative projects. Project managers bring structure to the chaos of creativity, ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Their ability to navigate complex projects and steer them to completion makes them invaluable in today’s fast-paced creative environments.



As the global economy faces a growing talent gap in project management, with a need for 25 million new project professionals by 2030, PMI’s presence at Cannes Lions is more than just educational—it’s essential for the future of the creative industries.


“Effective project management is the backbone of successful creative campaigns,” said Menaka Gopinath, Chief Marketing Officer of PMI. “Engaging with the Cannes Lions community is an amazing way for us to show how project management skills support successful creative projects, which drive value, impact, and growth in this industry. In such a competitive industry, enabling both creativity and execution is now an urgent priority.


That’s why PMI Educational Foundation is offering 50 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® scholarships for training and exam prep to support up-and-coming talent from The Cannes Lions School. Empowering delegates with project skills is the future of the creative industry.”