Doyen of Insurance and industrialist, Chief Oladele Fajemirokun will on Friday be installed as Baba Oba Ifewara, Osun state.
Oba Ifewara, Hezekiah Owolola in an interview with journalists said Chief Fajemirokun was chosen as Baba Oba based on his antecedents in developing the people around him.
He said they expect the industrialist to bring institutions, factories and create employment in the community.
He said Ifewara, an offshoot of Ile-Ife need to develop and he wants to develop the town than how he met it.
The Oba also said he choose Fajemirokun to mark his 40th anniversary on the throne, adding that his father late Chief Henry Fajemirokun played a pivotal role in his life when he ascended the throne.
He said: “I deem the industrialist a blessing because as a business man, he can influence investors into the town. This will ultimately bring employment opportunities for our youths when they graduate from school.
“The location of Ifewara is very close to Ile-Ife and Ilesa. The meaning and significance of Baba Oba Ifewara is huge. Chief Fajemirokun is my blood and he is older than me. He will be my adviser in order for me not to derail.”
Chief Fajemirokun on his part said he accepted the title because he said it is a homecoming for him and he is doing it for his generation.
He believes that he can contribute his quota to the development of his people and the country at large.
Commenting on the development, Chairman, AIICO Insurance, Bukola Oluwadiya said Chief Fajemirokun is deserving of the title, noting that he is a good man.
He said that Fajemirokun will promote projects that will benefit the community as he is favorably disposed to favoring and helping people around him.